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Joe Ward

Bootstrapping Founder & CEO

Joe is a guy who jumps in with both feet. He’s done so successfully in environments from corporate, to Silicon Valley startup, to bootstrapped micro-startup - and he makes a big impact wherever he drops the landing gear. Joe can find a workable solution to any problem including ones like "How to Multiply Your Users". He finds new ways of doing things better. Joe is 100% committed to building software that you want and you love to use. For the last 16 years, he has been fully immersed in everything Internet - and our software is the realization of his belief that the Viral Age team is re-envisioning part of the social media engine in a big way.

Asad Khan

Co-founder & CTO

Asad excels at every phase of the software development lifecycle. He has a unique combination of expert dev skills, commitment to modern design philosophy and practices, and an instinctive ability to understand user needs. In other words... He builds great software that you will love. With our Viral Age app, as with every project he leads, he delivers on maximum quality and a huge payload of value for our users. He insists on upfront planning and evaluation of architecture decisions before ever writing a single line of code. He is our Zen master of software. When you experience a feeling happiness while you use our software, you are feeling the magic of Asad’s work.

Philipp Herbers

Co-Founder, Sales & Support

Philipp is a vet in the forum SEO world. When he left the vBSEO team in 2010 we quickly recruited him as a hired gun for Viral Age Inc. He spent the last 4 years running the Global Partners translation team over at Crawlability Inc, where he dedicated himself to serving both English and German speaking customers. As a founding member of Viral Age, Philipp will lead the charge in making our software available internationally in multiple languages. Behind the scenes he‘ll focus on ensuring the support team keeps every VA user in 100% thumbs up mode. Our team has been forewarned. Philipp is equipped with strong espresso and a taser. If the caffeine doesn’t work, he will not hesitate to unleash enough voltage to make sure the VA guys deliver a customer experience that rocks... whether it’s the software or the support. Philipp is your go-to man!

Robert Kennedy

Co-Founder, CFO

Rob has the ability to look forward and conceptualize trends before they are trends. He was an early investor in a Canadian start-up that is recognized as the top online franchise in the country. He joined the Viral Age team when he looked at the early vision for our software and realized that it was doing things differently than ever before - and focusing on what you need and want instead of just achieving the "Wow" factor only. As an explorer, Rob is not easily surprised - yet our software quickly captivated his imagination. Now, in addition to traveling the world, playing guitar, scuba diving the ocean blue, flying airplanes, and containing explosives - Rob is helping us create the next generation of social media. He loves people and looks forward to interacting with all new Viral Age users and friends.

Liam Hennebury

Co-Founder, QA Analyst

Liam is an experienced software developer and analyst. Like Joe, he also spent time in Silicon Valley and has worked with AOL and the R&D lab for Research in Motion (RIM, makers of Blackberry). He loves streamlining/optimizing code, and brings a wealth of experience in formal software testing procedures (QA), and AGILE project management methodology. Liam‘s role here at Viral Age Inc. is to keep Joe and Asad on their toes, adding more mojo to our dev team, and helping ensure that our software is of the absolute best quality imaginable. Liam likes to jump out of airplanes. He’s well on his way to 100 jumps. Just as he does with our software, he does an intensive quality review on his parachute prior to every jump!


404 Page / Menace

v-Gor can be a bit of a menace at times. We recruited him to watch over our 404 page, but he‘s taken quite a liking to our Twitter account. Overall, we see a lot of potential for him with our team. He’s expressed an interest in getting more involved in our video projects, so we have him enrolled with Mickey Rourke‘s old method acting coach, and a behavioral psychologist at the local zoo. He’s asked that we also acknowledge that "Donkey Kong" is his favorite video game, and "Congo" is his favorite movie.

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